Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Brother

Wow, it's been long times since I been able to chat. Momma has been hoggin' the puter! I gots a new wittle brother, he's kinda funny lookin'. Has a long nose and long tail and lots of hair! But I like's his fuzzy tail, so much fun to play with! He came to our house one day and decided he didn't wanna leave, so Momma let him come in and nobody wanted him. Someone said his first family threw him out a car window, not a very nice family huh? Don't it just make you want to bite them?

Anyway Momma didn't let me play with him too much until she could give him some medicine and a bath. Momma said he had these nasty bugs called fleas and somethin' called worms... don't sound good to me!

My new brother's name is Vik, he sure is fun to play with. He's really good at playin' chase and I'm teaching him out to wrestle all proper like. He didn't know what wrestling was! The only thing that bugs me about brother Vik is that he makes some really weird noises! I'll just have to teach him a propper "woo woo"!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big Furries

Momma takes me with her when she goes to give the Big Furries water, I just love going with. Those Big Furries are so much fun to play with, there is a big black one that has really long ears and chases me, it's a fun game. I run past him as fast as I can and he tries to catch me! Then when I gets thirsty I can get a drink, but I have to watch those Big Furries, sometimes they don't watch what they are doing and it really hurts if they step on your feets! My good friend Sam is a Big Furry, him and I have been friends for a long time and momma sits on his back and I get to run beside them. I found out that as hard as I try I can't run as fast him, but I am fast enough to keep up and I can climb the rocky hills faster than him so that makes us even.

Yesterday when we went out to see the Big Furries I could smell something as soon as I got out of the pickup, so I go to investigate. I sniffed and sniffed and had to jump as high as I could in the air to try and find it but I finally did. It was way down where the coulee is. It was an antelope leg! I drug it all the way back to where momma was. I was so proud of myself. Momma let me chew on it and carry it around until it was time to go. I wanted to take it with but momma wouldn't let me. She kept sayin "drop it, leave it". Grrr. I sure hope nothin takes it before I can go back.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Darn Little Furries

You heard me, I'm mad at my little furries today. It started last night with my newest little furry, Sevin, walking all over me and then when my notso furry sisters came running in the room my little furry Sevin put all those sharp little claws into me! Of course I did what any respectable boxer would do, I chased him all through the house and chewed on him for a while. That'll teach him! Then this morning I get up to get a drink from the big white dish that has a lid, and the cranky little furry (family calls her Mitzi) was doing her potty in it. I thought "hey, just adds flavor" and when I went to get a drink mommy pushed that handle that puts new water in the bowl and sent my 'flavored' water away. I was so mad at mommy that I decided to flip over the little water dish and spill water all over the rug, that'll show her.

Then mommy made my breakfast, hmmm raw meat with carrots, broccoli and yogurt, that is when my little furry Sevin came back over to me and he started to eat MY breakfast! Well I usually share with him, but this morning I was really hungry so I gave him "The Look" and he spit at me! These little furries sure are strange. So I lets him take a carrot out of my dish, he drug it over to the rug. When I finished my breakfast he was still chewin on the carrot so I figure he didn't really want it so I take and eats it. That darn little furry slapped me! It didn't hurt, but still I felt I should chew on him a bit just so he knows I'm the boss.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

So Many Changes

There have been so many changes lately that sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself, and Mommy gets frustrated with me when I tear stuff up and pester her. To start with we moved. I really like the new house, it has lots of room to run and lots of stairs. My Daddy built this funny thing called a gate at the top of the stairs. I don't know what it is for but it sure does make a fun toy. It didn't take me long to figure out how to open it, and it makes this loud noise when it closes that makes everyone in the family jump! Hahaha! It works to get attention! But Mommy put up a fence at the new house and I don't like that. The old house just had miles and miles of fields where I could run. I could go visit my big furry friends (my Mommy calls them ponies) any time I wanted. Now at the new house that fence is always in the way and I can't see my big furry friends. But I can see fields just accross the gravel and I want to go out there and run, but everytime I try Mommy yells at me to come back.

Then the most terrible thing happened, my Uncle Bubba (my bestest boxer friend ever who played with me and even let me boss him around) had to go accross the Rainbow Bridge. Momma said he was ready to go and he missed his momma dog, but I know he was sick too. When I first came to live with my family Uncle Bubba was real sick, but he got better when I came and he played with me all the time and loved to cuddle with me. I knew I couldn't play too rough with him because he had a bad knee and some other stuff that would hurt if he ran or jumped too much. But then he hurt his other leg and wouldn't run around with me at all, Mommy got him this funny looking thing she called a 'knee brace' to put on him, then he started to play again.

Well just before we moved to the new house I saved Uncle Bubba from a nasty rattle snake! But he started to get sick that night. Mommy was really worried and my notso furry sisters were sad. Then he suddenly got all better and he was happy again and played with me lots and lots. Then we moved to the new house and Uncle Bubba was acting like nothing was hurting him anymore.

That is when he bit me. I was scared and angry so I bit him back. Daddy and Mommy were yelling and then it was all over. I didn't stay mad at Uncle Bubba cause I knew he did it because he was still sick. That night he got started getting these shakes really bad and when I gave him kisses it didn't help. That is when Mommy said he was ready to go and see his momma dog again.

Mommy took us to the nice doggy doctor lady, I like her cause she lets me give her lots of kisses and sit in her lap! And she gives yummy treats! But this was different, Mommy left me in the car and took Uncle Bubba in. When Mommy came back to the car she was crying and holding Uncle Bubba's colar. She took me in, I was scared cause I knew something was wrong. Then I saw Uncle Bubba, he smelled different and somehow the same. I gave him a kiss, but I knew he wasn't really there anymore. I didn't want to stay, so Mommy took me home. I was sad, I wanted Uncle Bubba to come home too.

Then on the night that the notso furry sisters dressed in funny clothes and get treats from all sorts of peoples and I got to where my wings and sparklies, Mommy brought Uncle Bubba home. Well just part of him it seemed. Daddy let me sniff him, he no longer smelled the same but I knew it was him. Mommy and the notso furry sisters wrapped him in his blanky and gave him all sorts of things and then they put him in a great big hole and covered him up. I wanted to dig and get him out but Daddy said "leave it". Sometimes I walk over there still and sniff around to see if I can still smell him. But I can't. I miss him very much and even though the family is always with me I am still kind of lonely.